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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

A healthy gut microbiome starts with good bacteria. If your dog is on antibiotics, their good bacteria have been depleted along with (hopefully!) the bad bacteria. This product helps to replenish those lovely little microbes, and eventually, restore your pup’s gut health.

While most of us use EverPup for daily digestive health because it is packed with prebiotics and probiotics, if your dog needs a big dose of probiotics, this is a nice product to use.

Also available in powder packets for dogs who dislike chewables.

Product Features

From the Manufacturer:

Purina FortiFlora for Dogs is a probiotic nutritional supplement for pets suffering from diarrhea and poor intestinal health. If your dog is suffering from diarrhea due to a change in home circumstances, boarding, eating the wrong types of food, a move, or the use of antibiotic therapies, or if your puppy has soft stools, why not ask your veterinarian how FortiFlora could assist. Key Advantages of Fortiflora: Probiotic supplement for dietary management of dogs with diarrhea Promotes a healthy immune system Proven to promote intestinal health & balance Contains guaranteed amounts of live active cultures. Please read instructions thoroughly before use, consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.