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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The K9 Immunity Plus – Potent Immune Support for Dogs over 70 pounds by Aloha Medicinals is one of the very few beta-glucans that Dr. Dressler recommends in the Dog Cancer Survival Guide. This supplement is formulated specifically for dogs and includes a large variety of potentially beneficial mushrooms, bromelain enzymes and contains transfer factors– these appear to support beta-glucan activity.

Dr. Susan Ettinger has also recommended these particular chews in one of her Video Blogs. Check out her Favourite Supplements for Dog Cancer here

Beta-glucans are very beneficial as they bind the outside of natural killer cells and immune system cells and jolts them awake to increase their activity and help destroy cancer. In addition, beta-glucans can harm cancerous cells by slowing down cell replication, inducing apoptosis and it interferes with angiogenesis — the process that forms new blood vessels from previous ones.

Please check with your vet before giving K9 Immunity Plus to your dog, especially if your dog has an over-active immune system — it could, theoretically, worsen this condition.

For more information on K9 Immunity Plus, dosage and precautions, please review Chapter 13 of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide.