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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Dr. Dressler recommends using transfer factor alongside medicinal mushrooms to boost the immune system. Transfer factor is fractionated from colostrum.

While there are many brands that sell transfer factor, 4Life is a brand we trust.

Check chapter 14 in Dr. Dressler’s book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide to learn more about medicinal mushrooms and how they might support your dog, including doses and precautions.

Product Features

From the Manufacturer:

  • Features 4Life Transfer Factor proteins and peptides from cow colostrum for immune system support
  • Supports Natural Killer (NK) immune cell activity
  • Educates immune system to quickly recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats
  • Our Team: 4Life product formulations are developed through research by doctors and scientists
  • About 4Life: Bringing you quality products to support your immune system & overall health since 1998