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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Soft Krater Crate is a really handy product to have as a pet retreat for your dog as the crate is collapsible and easy to take on holidays, trips or even to different rooms around your home. The material of the crate provides a dark interior and this may help improve your dog’s sleep and melatonin levels! In Chapter 8, and Chapter 13 of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dr. Dressler  writes that increasing your dog’s melatonin levels can help to boost your dog’s immune system, and also has a direct anti-cancer effect on the body.

Another great feature of this crate is that the material can be removed from the steel frame and machine washed or it can be easily wiped out and cleaned!

These crates are for dogs up to 90lbs. There is a sizing guide so you can find the right crate and fit your dog! 🙂

We hope this helps in creating a secure and safe sleeping environment for your dog.