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Full Spectrum Nutraceuticals: See Chapter 12

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Nutraceuticals are wonderful products that are always more concentrated and contain a more potent form of the active agent that you would find in nature. In most cases, nutraceuticals are not as strong as pharmaceutical drugs, however, they are not as weak as supplements.

The reality is, is that most people are unable to afford dozens of supplements per month for their dog, so choosing the right products can be challenging. The products in this bundle are products that Dr. Dressler highly recommends-- Apocaps is even his own formulation. In general, these products can work with most dogs but please consult with your veterinarian first-- they can determine whether these products will work alongside your dog's health plan and treatments. 

In addition, Apocaps and Artemisinin should never be taken at the same time. You should rotate them based on a schedule --5 days of Apocaps (do not give Artemisinin) and then 5 days of Artemisinin (do not give Apocaps). Your veterinarian will be able to help you determine the best schedule for these products based on your dog's health plan and treatments :-)