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Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Want to be your dog’s bestest ever friend, favorite, favorite, favorite? Hydrate his dehydrated food with bone broth. Or just give it to her straight! She’ll love it either way. Two excellent flavors from our favorite dog food brand.

Why We Recommend This Brand

“What should I feed my dog with cancer” is the number one asked question we get at The answer is not simple, just like cancer and dogs are not simple. There is no “magical food” that will kill cancer. However, there ARE foods that will fight cancer and support the body. The best diet is a homecooked diet. But if you need to use commercial dog food, using food from The Honest Kitchen is close to home-cooking.

That’s because this company uses human-grade food, manufactures to human-grade standards and is dehydrated, not cooked.

When you spoon out the dehydrated food and add a little warm water, you get a balanced, nutritious, REAL food meal for your dog. Use as a base to the home-cooked Dog Cancer Diet Dr. Dressler recommends in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, or use as the standalone meal.

The Honest Kitchen has literally dozens of options for you. None of them are completely in alignment with Dr. Dressler’s anti-cancer diet, because his diet is not a diet a healthy dog would need. However, you can trust this brand’s quality and cleanliness and integrity.

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